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The Kiln of Empire

An empire on the brink of ruin. A family destroyed. A woman to bring the world to its knees.,.

In the Kyrían Empire, a person's worth is judged by the favor of their Ancestors.


After a popular revolt decimates her family, the newly appointed empress Verína desperately tries to hold together a fractious empire that is ready to explode. When the scion of an important family is killed in the street, and evidence arises that she might be responsible, the Senate demands her abdication. Disgraced and on the run, she hides with Letó, an arrogant, ambitious potter. If Letó finds out who she is, he'll sell her off to the highest bidder. Without an army, allies, and her only decent skill is with her oration, she'll have to turn the people to her side to get her throne back.

An impossible task, because they hate her and she hates them. But dangerous bargains must be struck if she is going to survive.

A war is coming to the Empire, and none will emerge unscathed.

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