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The Buried King

Died once. Born twice.

Eighty years before the events of The Kiln of Empire, the Kyrían Empire has waged a war of subjugation on the southern Kassanians for a decade. A land of sand and barren wastes, it is worthless except for a singular resource: gold. The gold mines of Kassania run deep into the earth. The emperor, Valentinos, wants the gold at any cost.

Aeneus is in training to join the finest fighting force in the world. The fourth son of Idaeus Epidexios, his father, rather than letting him inherit property, has offered him to the Hetaroi. The elite guard protects the Emperor Valentinos and all his attendants from threats. His last trial before becoming a full Hetari is to slay an enemy and castrate himself, but he’ll do anything to make his Empire proud. He’s being prepared ahead of peace talks between the emperor and the Kassanian king, Anassar. His assignment is to attend and protect King Anassar, and Julianus has sworn his honor and his life to do so. But when Anassar is attacked by the Emperor’s own, Aeneus has to decide whether his honor is worth turning against his empire.

Blood will be spilled, and secrets will be buried.

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